Month: March 2010

Comforté® by PMS4PMS Bill of Rights Rule 3

Bill of Rights PMS4PMS Rule 3: “Hysteria,” leads us to an interesting conclusion: that the “discovery” of PMS, first so-called in 1953, closely following the American Psychiatric Association’s removal of hysteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in 1952, suggests that hysteria has simply been renamed and rebranded as “pre-menstrual syndrome,” a condition as difficult …

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Menstrual Cramps

What are menstrual cramps? Sharp pains in the lower abdomen occurring upon menstruation and can continue for 2-3 days after. Pain levels can occur from a mild inconvenience to severe interfering with normal everyday activities. Menstrual cramps are the biggest reason for absenteeism at work or school in woman 30 years and younger. The pain …

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