Amazing Discoveries in Reproductive Health

As finals are winding down, we at Comforté® all sound a sigh of relief! Finally, a time to just absorb the sunshine and not think about learning something new. Except…it’s 2016, and we are women (hear us roar! haha), and it’s an exciting time in life! The Presidential Elections are just around the corner and 4th wave feminism is speaking to millions louder than ever! Since studying clearly isn’t on the agenda while soaking up those rays, let the team here at Comforté® help you get your cognizance on. Every month throughout the summer, we are rounding up female feature stories from around the globe to keep YOU up to date on all things reproductive health!

Check out the top three for 2016 below!

Womb Transplant Reproductive Health

Yup, you read right! In March of this year a 26-year-old woman in Cleveland, OH had the nation’s very first Uterus Transplant. She was previously unable to have children, but, now, thanks to science, she can attempt pregnancy via in vitro fertilization. The uterus must be in place one year prior to attempting pregnancy to ensure it is viable. Unfortunately, the woman had to have the uterus removed recently due to a naturally occurring infection that affected blood supply to the uterus. In 2014, Sweden performed the first successful uterine transplant. So far 5 babies have been born in Sweden as a result of this procedure.

Drones Deliver Reproductive Health RightsScreenshot 2016-05-26 at 2.24.46 PM

Tech is getting so crazy: in a good way! Finally, through a pilot program by United Nations Pilot Fund and the Dutch government, women in sub-Saharan Africa can have access to birth control and life-saving medicines for childbirth and reproductive health. The idea was conceived in 2014 and implemented this year. Many clinics have a difficult time getting through terrain quickly to larger camps in order to get these medications. The drone system alleviates that problem.

No more cutting in GambiaScreenshot 2016-05-26 at 2.30.26 PM

At the beginning of the year, it made worldwide news that Gambia became the 27th sub-Saharan African nation to ban Female Genital Mutilation. Disturbing fact: FGM wasn’t outlawed in the United States by congress until 1996.

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