A 13-Year-Old Girl Makes a Discovery

Nadine Kennedy, daughter of Alexandria Professional founder Lina Kennedy, was due at a soccer game. But pain from her menstrual cramps had reached an intolerable level. However, being an enterprising young lady, she tried an ointment that her mother manufactured in Africa for massage therapists to use for temporary pain relief for clients.

Within minutes, all of her menstrual pain was gone! The girl was ecstatic and immediately told her mother. Her mother then called every woman she knew and asked them to try the ointment when they had their menstrual cramps or periods. The results were unanimous. The product was reformulated specifically for women and the period relief product “Comforté®” was born!

Because the relief from period cramping and pain was her discovery, the “Comforté®” business is now in the hands of budding entrepreneur Nadine Kennedy, who is now 14 years old.