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The Best Chocolate to Indulge in During Your Period

If you think about what foods you crave the most during your period, chocolate is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you love a good chocolate bar, chocolate ice cream or anything dipped in chocolate, the craving just needs to be satisfied. Nevertheless, munching on a bunch of chocolate snacks during your period may have you feeling a bit guilty.

If you are thinking about all the extra calories you need to burn thanks to the sweet treat you just enjoyed, we have some good news. There is actually a chocolate that will keep you from gaining weight when you eat it!

The University of Copenhagen completed research on chocolate and eating it as a regular part of a diet. “For a long time, the research group has played with the idea of using dark chocolate in treating obesity, as the chocolate contains caffeine, a methyl xanthine alkaloid; stearic acid, which is a saturated fatty acid; and the caffeine-like substance theobromine.” “To get the chocolate to give you a better feeling of satiation we add some linseed,” says Arne Astrup, a doctor of medical science and the head of the university’s Department of Human Nutrition, who led the development of the new chocolate. “Linseed also binds some of the fat in the food in the intestine. Calcium, which is found in chocolate, does the same. We believe mixing linseed with the chocolate prevents the body from absorbing this fat.”

While many of us prefer milk chocolate over its dark chocolate counterpart, dark chocolate is a healthier alternative that isn’t too difficult to get used to. Lots of ladies actually think that dark chocolate tastes great!

In order to help yourself and your cravings during your cycle, head to your nearest grocery store and pick up a bar of dark chocolate in place of the sugary sweet milk chocolate you traditionally choose. To help you steer clear of over indulging, the cocoa percentage should be over 40 percent and the bar should only contain cocoa butter; no vegetable fats or butterfat.

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