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Can Green Tea Help Ease your PMS Symptoms?

You’ve probably grown familiar with the signs that your body gives you right before your period. You know, the awful PMS symptoms.

Suddenly, you have unexplained back pain, an upset stomach, crazy mood swings, and a ravenous appetite. All of these PMS symptoms, or just one or two of them, usually indicate that your period is approaching.

When these signs start to surface, consider grabbing a green tea. Green tea might be able to ease some of the undesirable PMS symptoms that are inevitably coming.

Green Tea and PMS Symptoms

Staying hydrated is a vital part of maintain your health but it becomes especially important during your period. In fact, staying hydrated can combat bloating and can also help your digestive system running smoothly, which often causes PMS symptoms before your time of the month.

Plus, drinking water constantly can get dull. When you get tired of drinking bottle after bottle, consider switching over to green tea. Green tea is a beverage that comes with plenty of benefits. In fact, you should consider incorporating green tea to your daily water intake routine. All of the antioxidants can help soothe your cramps during your period and it has a taste, making it easier to drink.

For avid coffee drinkers who might find their coffee addiction wreaking havoc on their tummy during their time of the month, swap out a coffee for a green tea. Green tea is the least processed tea and has a relatively decent amount of caffeine. So on those days when you’re feeling fatigued but can’t stomach coffee, a green tea will give you the energy you need without being too harsh on your stomach.

Green tea has also been proven to increase metabolism and help improve physical performance. (Good news, your period no longer has to period interfere with your workout routine!)

Comforté knows that the week before your period can be exceptionally unpleasant and uncomfortable due to PMS symptoms, but green tea and natural menstrual cramp relief can help you through it.