Tampons Free at Some Colleges

College Providing Free Tampons and Pads for Students

Many universities have discussed providing free tampons and pads in their restrooms for students and faculty at no cost. For some universities, this concept has already become a reality.

Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, started stocking some of their bathrooms with free tampons and pads.

In recent months, it has been heavily debated whether or not woman should be obligated to purchase feminine hygiene products for themselves. There has also been plenty of discussion on whether or not feminine hygiene products should be made tax free in order to reduce their overall cost. Connecticut College came to a general consensus and agreed that they would provide tampons and pads to their students in specific bathrooms.

Connecticut College now has dispensers in their student center bathrooms where feminine hygiene products are available for free.

There are a total of three dispensers among the women’s and gender-neutral bathrooms. The college is planning to put the dispensers throughout the campus, and the library is next. The dispensers in the student center are just the beginning. Both the Connecticut Student Government Association and the Connecticut College Administration supported the movement to implement and fund the dispensers.

Connecticut College isn’t the first organization to commit to this concept.

New York City held a vote in June that required schools, prisons, and homeless shelters to provide feminine hygiene products.

Overall, the large majority of business, organizations, and schools do not offer this.

Connecticut College made the decision to provide feminine hygiene products for free for a variety of reasons. The college wanted to provide these products in order to make them available whenever someone needs one. They knew that some students were missing classes that didn’t have products on them and could not sit through a class without one.  The college also hopes that the dispensers will encourage people to talk openly about menstruation and get a conversation started about it.

The college hopes to eliminate the negative connotation that comes with women’s menstrual cycles.

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