Periods preparation

How to Prepare for “That Time of the Month”

If you want “that time of the month” (i.e., your period) to go as smoothly as possible, prepare yourself ahead of time to ensure menstrual cramp relief. This usually involves stocking up on all the essentials you need.

You might have to make changes to your diet and sleep patterns. Take care of your body to reduce the chances of any health issues.

How to Prepare for Your Time of the Month

Below are ways to prepare for periods.

Tracking Your Periods

track your periods

Tracking periods is an ideal way to plan for your period. This allows you to know when exactly it is going to start. To start tracking, you can write it down or better, download an app. Such apps work by counting down the day when your period will start.

Stocking Up on All the Necessities

When the first day of your period arrives and you are not prepared, things can be a little difficult. If you want to keep this from happening, stock up on all necessities, like medication, heat pads, and feminine hygiene products.

Stick to a Specific Diet

Although you may have cravings for fast food during periods, it is essential to avoid such a diet. The reason behind this is the presence of omega-6 fatty acids, which promote period cramps.

Furthermore, using an excessive amount of salt may cause bloating. And caffeine intake enhances the chances of anxiety or irritability.

Stay Active

In order to ensure PMS cramp relief, try to keep as active as possible. The best options are light exercise or casual workouts. According to some studies, one to two hours of moderate physical activity can offer PMS relief.

Take Supplements

Apart from taking pain-relieving medication, also use oral supplements. It’s a great way to feel better and lower the impact of menstrual pain. For example, start taking magnesium and calcium supplements in the early days of your menstruation cycle.

By doing so, you can prepare your body for the upcoming period. These nutrients can relax your muscles and offer period pain relief. Try to take 500mg of magnesium and 1000mg of calcium daily.

Sleep Well

time of the month

Periods can also affect your sleep quality, especially during the early days. Most period-related issues, like cramps, headaches, and bloating, disturb your sleep-wake cycle. As such, you need to relax your body and mind before going to bed.

For example, start practicing good sleep hygiene a few days before your periods. If you get good rest, it will result in period cramps relief.


When preparing for that time of the month, make sure to stay positive and active. Stick to a balanced diet and stock up on all the essentials. By staying ahead of your period, you can easily counter its impact on your life.