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Ideal Care Packages for Your College Daughter

Being away from home as a college student isn’t easy. No matter how long your college daughter has been away, they certainly find themselves missing the comforts of home.  With the holiday season approaching, being away at college can get much more difficult.

Ideas for Care Packages to Send to Your College Daughter

Sending your daughter a care package can help her feel like home sweet home is within reach and be the extra push she needs to finish strong this semester.

Pack Personal Care Items

Being a girl can get expensive and that becomes very clear in college when you’re responsible for buying all of your toiletries.  Send your daughter some vital personal care items to put some ease on her wallet. Items such as shampoo, hairspray, makeup, and shaving cream can get expensive, especially for a college student. Send your daughter a favorite makeup product or a coveted shampoo.

Sending tampons or pads might not sound exciting, but they can also be tremendously expensive. When her time of the month arrives, she’ll be grateful that she doesn’t need to run to the store and spend money. Throw in some “pamper” items for that time of the month such as a face mask, sweet smelling lotion, or Comforté® cream.

Satisfying Snack Items

You have probably heard that college students live off of microwave popcorn and ramen noodles, and many of them do. Sometimes dining hall hours don’t match up well with class schedules, and college students are forced to eat whatever food they can find in their room. Send your daughter an assortment of snack items, such as microwave popcorn, assorted granola bars, to-go oatmeal, dark chocolates, and microwaveable soups. She’ll be grateful to have something to when she gets home after a long day of classes or to snack on while studying.

Generous Gift Cards

You might not know what your college daughter’s current preferences are on certain items and that is OK. Purchase a variety of small gift cards from drugstores, coffee shops, grocery stores, clothing stores, or department stores. Gift cards are gold to students because they are essentially cash. When costs start adding up, having some gift cards can help take some of the financial strain off of your daughter. She can purchase groceries, toiletries, or even splurge on a new shirt.

Fun Focused Items

It is no secret that college is stressful. Towards the end of the semester, it can be hard to put the books down but it is vital that students take an occasional break. Purchase some items for your daughter that will encourage her to have fun. You can purchase a favorite DVD, an encouraging sign to hang up in her room, an adult coloring book, or even just silly putty as a small distraction. These items will give your daughter a much needed break from the stress of finals.

A care package will provide your daughter with a touch of home, making it easier for her to buckle down and focus on exams before she heads home to you for the holidays.