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Keeping Your Tampons Tucked Away

We want to make one thing clear: You should never have to “hide” your tampons or pads.

With that being said, we understand that it can get uncomfortable to carry your feminine products out of the classroom at school or past your manger’s desk at work. Although it should never be considered an “issue” that you are carrying a tampon or pad, sometimes you’d just prefer to do so discreetly.

Containers for Tampons

There are some simple solutions to tucking your feminine products away when you personally feel it’s necessary.

Empty Lipstick Holder

We actually love this option because it’s both extremely creative and practical. Few things are more devastating than running out of our favorite lipstick, but before you discard the tube in disgust, consider what else it could be used for. An empty lipstick tube is perfect for holding a tampon. You can easily carry a lipstick tube in your pocket or your hand which can help you get your tampon into the bathroom with no second-glances.

Pencil Pouch

Using a pencil pouch to conceal your feminine products is practical for the office and for school. It is an acceptable thing to carrying to a meeting or to a class without question. You can easily fit several pads and tampons into a pencil pouch and have them completely concealed. Pencil pouches also come in a variety of colors and patterns so they can also serve as a form of self-expression. (Side note, a bottle of Comforté® would fit nicely in a pencil pouch too)

Shirts and Shoes

If you’re wearing long sleeves, it is really easy to discreetly slip a pad or tampon up your sleeve and head to the bathroom. You can also use certain shoes to conceal your feminine products from the public. If you’re wearing taller boots or sneakers, you can easily store a tampon or pad inside between your leg and the shoe itself. Your favorite pair of heels won’t work for this method, but heels serve us in so many other ways that we’ll let it slide.

Designated Pouch

Believe it or not, there are pouches that are made just to hide tampons and pads and they are super cute. They are really similar to a wallet, but instead, they have designated sections that hold pads and tampons. You can easily carry the pouch into the bathroom and pretend you’re heading to the vending machine with your “wallet” to buy chocolate and stop into the bathroom instead. (Honestly, we’d make both stops)

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