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Why Is a Natural Remedy for Period Cramps Relief Important?

When it comes to treating period cramps, many women prefer natural remedies over pain medication. Besides the efficacy of these remedies, there are other elements that make them important for dysmenorrhea treatment.

People use natural remedies because most have no side effects. Moreover, using these remedies involves less hassle. The natural ingredients blend well with the body and promote period cramps relief.

For a more in-depth discussion, let’s dive into the topic and analyze why a natural remedy for period cramp relief is important.     

Chinese Herbs and PMS Cramp Relief     

Chinese herbs for periods pain relief

In most cases, Chinese herbs offer promising results when it comes to seeking PMS relief. Many of these herbs are capable of performing much better than pain medication. By combining two or more herbs, you can relieve yourself from severe period cramps and other irregularities.

The most popular Chinese herbs are red peony root, licorice root, cinnamon bark, and angelica root. These offer outstanding results, which makes them one of the most effective natural remedies for dysmenorrhea treatment.

Ginger and Its Effectiveness Against Period Cramps

Ginger is an herb that offers menstrual cramps relief without any hassle. The ingredients make it an ideal option for relieving period pain. This is why many women consider using ginger while on their periods.

What makes ginger one of the best home remedies for menstrual cramps is its performance. It works by lowering the level of prostaglandins, which promote cramping and pain during periods.

This natural product has anti-inflammatory properties, which minimize inflammation and ensures menstrual cramps relief. The availability of two essential components, gingerdiones and gingerols, restricts the production of leukotriene and prostaglandin.

Importance of Fennel as a Natural Remedy  

Fennel is a herb containing anethole. This compound has strong anti-spasm properties, so fennel can provide period pain relief with regular use. Some studies have discovered the positive effects of fennelin and vitagnus, which are common fennel extracts.

CBD Oil, the Best Natural Remedy for Cramp Relief

period cramps

When you are in search of home remedies for menstrual cramps, CBD oil is an appropriate option. Although much research is ongoing, the efficacy of this herb is more or less established.

This type of oil helps reduce period cramps by providing anti-inflammatory agents to the body. Natural remedies like CBD oil are capable of lowering the pain associated with periods.

Pycnogenol, an Important Natural Remedy

Also referred to as French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, this herb is helpful in providing period pain relief. Using pycnogenol during periods can lower the inflammation within the uterus lining. This reduces the chances of severe cramps.


The major causes of period pain are inflammation within the uterus linings and the release of prostaglandin. Therefore, any medication that reduces the chances of inflammation and inhibits prostaglandin release can serve as a viable remedy for menstrual cramp relief.  However, due to their efficacy and lack of side effects, natural remedies are relatively more preferable.