4 All-Natural Ways to Feel Better During Your Period

One of the most natural things in life for a girl is getting her period. It signifies her turning into a woman. With this being a natural progression of life, it does not mean there are no natural ways to feel better during your period. We have a number of natural reliefs you can try and help your cramping, sore back, and tender breasts during your period.

Natural Ways to Feel Better During Your Period

Here are a few of our favorite things you should try.


Menstrual Cramp Discomfort Relief CreamWe stand by our product as a way for women of all ages to feel much better during their periods. It is simple and easy to use. At the first sign of cramps, begin massaging Comforté® into areas of discomfort, such as your stomach, and reapply every one to three hours as needed. Comforté® is made using five primary all-organic ingredients: Calatropis Procera, Carapa Procera, Natural Essence of Menthol, 100% Raw Shea Butter, and Soya Bean extract.


natural ways to feel better during your period

This was actually used by the ancient Greeks and is still used today for its amazing effectiveness. This herb is available in liquid or capsule form and it is proven to reduce PMS by restoring normal progesterone levels according to Sara Gottfried, M.D., author of The Hormone Cure.

Sleep It Off

While you are on your period, you can allow yourself to take a quick afternoon nap or go to bed earlier/wake up later. You will find that even when you are sick, if you rest a bit more, you will feel much better.

Drink More Fluids

You are obviously losing fluids during your cycle, so it is extra important during this time of the month to drink extra. Some nice things to have are warm, non-caffeinated teas, herbal infusions, and do not forget to have lots of water.

Remember everyone is unique, and it could take trial and error to find the best all-natural solution that works during your period. If you want to share any success stories about how Comforté® worked for you, let us know!

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