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PMS Bites Improve PMS Symptoms

Tania Green worked hard to create a chocolate snack for women suffering from PMS symptoms that would not lead to a night long guilt trip or an abundance of sugary regrets. The Gordon College graduate got her love for baking from her great-grandmother.

She used that passion to develop a very successful business creating natural chocolates for women suffering from PMS symptoms.

Green is both the founder and CEO of her company, PMS Bites. PMS bites are chocolates made with natural herbs proven to ease PMS symptoms. The bites are gluten-free and full of natural ingredients including Siberian ginseng, chamomile and dandelion roots.

PMS bites are intended to curb bloating, cramping, and irritability, all of which occur during PMS for most women.

Green created the PMS Bites because periods matter to her. She recognizes how few women are comfortable talking about their PMS symptoms and decided to make a product that would help them face those symptoms in a healthy yet indulgent way.

Green made it onto the show “Shark Tank” in May 2016. Shark Tank consists of a panel of successful, self-made millionaire and billionaires that can offer to invest in businesses that they believe in. Making it onto the show in itself is a huge deal. After her appearance on Shark Tank, Green saw a spike in PMS Bite sales.

PMS Bites are only about 70 to 80 calories per bite, making them a sweet alternative to binge eating candies or pastries.

You can purchase a total of six bites for $9.99 or subscribe to have them delivered every 30 days. Some of the flavors include Plain Crazy, CocoNutty, and All Kinds of Nuts.

The PMS Bites website reads, “PMS Bites are perfect for health-conscious women who want to satisfy their cravings, but are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition.” We are anxious to taste these! Have any of our readers tried them? Let Comforté® know.