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Comforté® topical ointment provides temporary relief from PMS cramps and discomfort. Created from all-natural ingredients, Comforté® was intentionally designed by women for women to help you embrace your period with confidence!
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Michelle Bourdeau BHK, RMT

My name is Michelle Bourdeau, I am a registered massage therapist and I have suffered from severe menstrual cramps since the age of 12. I generally take approximately 2400mg – 3000mg of ibuprofen per day for the first two days of my period. During my last period, as I asked someone to hand me my bag as it was time to take my next dose, I could feel my cramps coming on strong again as this was the first day of my period. A friend of mine suggested that I try Comforte before I took more drugs. As I rolled my eyes, convinced that topical pain relievers are ineffective, I applied the cream as directed. To my great surprise within 20-30minutes I noticed that I wasn’t in more pain. The Comforte had removed about 85-90% of my pain from cramps. I was happily shocked! I continued to use the cream at about the same interval that I would have taken the ibuprofen for the next 24hrs.


Calotropis Procera – a plant extract found in the primordial forests of Africa. Temporarily relieves pain associated with PMS symptoms.
Carapa Procera – Used by African tribal women for thousands of years to reduce swelling and bloating.
Natural Essence of Menthol – generating soothing warmth to penetrate the skin and muscles. Also works as a carrier for the organic plant extracts.
100% Raw Shea Butter – Base formula of Comforté – promotes skin hydration.
Sunflower Seed Oil – High in Vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin.
Sandalwood Oil – Gives Comforté its unique woodsy scent.

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