Menstrual Cramp Relief

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Get PMS & Menstrual Cramps Relief

Experience the relief and peace of mind that comes with using an all-natural topical cream to treat your severe menstrual cramps. Comforté is proud of its unique blend of traditional African healing plants, natural essence of menthol, and soothing substances like raw shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and sandalwood oil. These ingredients combine to create a product that’s sure to alleviate the worst of your period symptoms.

What’s more, you get to massage your way to a pain-free period while also treating yourself to the superb sensory experience of a fantastic smelling all-natural cream.

Comforté PMS Relief Topical Ointment is for the temporary menstrual cramps relief and PMS symptoms. Created from all-natural ingredients, Comforté provides temporary relief from the discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. One tube lasts up to 3 cycles. Sold as a 1oz. tube.

For Canadian order, please call 1-800-957-8427.

For orders in the UK/Ireland area, please call International Beauty Ireland at 004428 92 661617.

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 0.98 × 0.98 in

1 review for Menstrual Cramp Relief

  1. H. Sam

    I was asked to review this product as a product tester, no I’m not paid by this company or any other. I was a skeptical as you might be at this very moment, as a woman for years we’ve been taking pills and using heating pads or just being miserable for x amount of days of the month because of cramps. When I got this little tube that said “rub on your lower abdomen from hip to hip” and it’s claim was to make as for mentioned cramps lesson or go away my first thought was “do they really think I’m going to fall for this?” But then I used it and with in a minute of applying it does indeed do what it claims! Even my teen daughters love this stuff! Think of it as Biofreeze for your period.

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