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Regarding the Scent of Comforté®

Comforté® Testimonials
Comforté® prides itself on offering a menstrual cramp relief cream, Scent of Comforté®, that is packed with natural and effective ingredients.

Menstrual cramp remedies should work fast and our natural product offers relief minutes after being applied.

As you can see from the above reviews on our product, although our products are extremely effective, some people are not fond of the aroma that it has while others really enjoy it.

We pride ourselves on our aroma because it is a result of our all natural ingredients. Our product is all natural, and thus, it does give off a scent that reflects that.

Although the aroma can be overwhelming at first, it dissipates quite quickly.

When you open the tube and apply the cream, it will have a strong scent but it will diminish minutes after being applied.

Even though some people do have an issue with the aroma of Comforté®, we encourage them to use the product regardless and see how quickly the aroma goes away, just as quickly as their pain will.

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