Surf on Any Vacation: Traveling on Your Period

travelingAhhh….summer. It is slowly creeping up and traveling vacation plans abound. Whether you are hitting Cabo, backpacking the Appalachian, or going on a humanitarian aid trip, all you want to worry about is packing and fun! As a menstruating woman, though, there’s always that glimmer of panic at the thought of having to “surf the crimson tide” while on vacay. Some people just wing it while traveling and say to themselves “I’ll just buy it there,” or “I can just change the dates and not travel that week.”

Buying it there isn’t always an option, though. Many places don’t have a large  (or any) variety of menstrual management products. Pads are becoming much more widely available worldwide (at least in metropolitan areas), but, not necessarily the ones you want in order to comfortably enjoy your holiday. Tampons, on the other hand, are usually only available in chain stores worldwide and in a limited variety of brands.

Secondly, for many people, scheduling vacay around menstruation isn’t entirely feasible. Either due to irregular periods or mandates of a group trip, rescheduling just isn’t an option.

So, what do we do to make the most of our period while traveling?

Pack smartly, of course! Below are my top 5 tips for traveling on your period.

      1. Research

        Do some research on where you are traveling to. Are the menstrual products you use readily available in that area? If so, are the prices reasonable in that area, or something you are willing to spend? If so, awesome! If not…

      2. Pre-packed disposables

        Pack what you think you will need. Keeping in mind that some places may not have facilities to dispose of your pads/tampons and you might have to carry them on your person. I highly recommend packing a waterproof wet bag. Also, you may not have the luggage space to store that many products. Which leads us to 3:

      3. Period panties

        If you are limited on space, and can only pack the bare necessities, consider period panties! I personally LOVE this brand. Period panties come in so many different cuts, sizes, and absorbencies; it’s a no brainer to pack since you’re packing underwear anyway! Ooops… “but what if I’m NOT packing underwear?”

      4. Menstrual Cup

        These are a great option for those panty free vacations (Cabo? Nudist camp? Options are endless!) Wearable for up to 12 hours with no TSS. Long train rides and strenuous hikes are no match for cups. This one even folds up enough to fit in the back pocket of your fave skinnies. You will need to rinse or wipe out between uses, though. So pack a water bottle if a sink isn’t available, or just use these wipes.

      5. Cramp Management

        I never leave without Comforté®. It is perfectly small enough to fit in a pocket or cross body bag. Raspberry leaf tea is also on my must-pack list.

So, no matter where and when you holiday this summer, you’ll be completely prepared to ‘Surf’ and make the most of your vacation.

Have some period travel hacks you can’t wait to share? Comment below!

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