Why Your Breasts Are Sore Before Your Period

Why Your Breasts Are Sore Before Your Period

One of the most disturbing and annoying symptoms of PMS are breast pain. The pain is usually dull and may start two weeks prior to your period. It may turn out to be a cause of pain and discomfort before the period actually starts.

Here, we are going to discuss the actual causes of breast soreness before the period. So without any further delay, let’s jump into our topic.

Breast Pain and its Kinds

The following are the types of breast pain.

  • Cyclic breast pain
  • Non-cyclic breast pain

Cyclic Breast Pain

Also referred to as cyclic mastalgia, this kind of pain is associated with the menstrual cycle. The basic cause of this type of breast pain relates to the change in the hormonal levels. Hence, this pain tends to appear and go cyclically.

Non-Cyclic Breast Pain

The non-cyclic pain isn’t associated with the menstrual cycle. It causes intermittent and constant breast pain. The sensation of pain feels something like a burning or sharp pain. This kind of pain is localized and may appear in one of the breasts.

What are the Symptoms of Breast Pain?

Symptoms of Periods Breast Pain

If you feel soreness in your breasts before each period, it may be a cyclical breast pain. Below are the most commonly experienced symptoms of such breast pain.

  • Pain or soreness in the outer and upper parts of both the breasts
  • The pain  may also extend towards the armpits
  • Normally starts at least two weeks prior to the menstruation
  • Breasts feel heavy and swollen before the period
  • The soreness or pain may range from low to severe

Causes of Breast Pain before Period

There is a wide range of causes of breast pain that women usually experience before the period. The reasons include hormonal change, medication, excessive intake of caffeine, etc. Let’s take a look at each of these possible causes.

Cyclical Changes

The increase and decrease of hormones like progesterone and estrogen may also stimulate breast pain. As a result, the breast may enlarge due to the production of milk ducts and glands. This enlargement may cause soreness in some cases.

Consumption of High Fat Food

According to some studies, the consumption of a high-fat diet might serve as a possible cause of sore breasts. The cyclical breast pain could be even worse if you still continue to have such food during periods. Moreover, chronic stress also plays a role while causing breast soreness in most females.

Hormonal Disturbance

When the hormonal level of a female’s body experiences noticeable changes, it may serve as the reason for breast soreness. During each month, the body of a female undergoes different hormonal changes. At the time of ovulation, the body experiences an increase in estrogen levels. Afterward, progesterone levels also start to rise before the periods. These changes usually result in breast pain.

Excessive Intake of Caffeine

The excessive intake of caffeine might also be a reason behind breast pain. So if you daily take more than 3 to 4 cups of coffee before period, it may result in breast soreness. In order to deal with this issue, you must try to reduce the intake of caffeine before the period.


Medication like oral birth control pills, infertility medications or those administered during hormonal replacement therapy, may also result in breast pain. Since these medicines consist of progesterone and estrogen, they may stimulate soreness or swelling in the breast.