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Women Deserve Access to Hygiene Products

Charities always suffer from a shortage of donated hygiene products. During the holiday season, we often see organizations collecting items that will eventually be donated to charity. Donation boxes typically include toilet paper and paper towels, soap, hats, batteries, canned goods, and other essentials.

As a society, we often forget about the very basic needs of women: feminine hygiene products.

As women, it is our body’s natural response to menstruate each month, and many women are never given the means to manage their periods comfortably. Uncontrolled periods often result in hygiene issues for these women and emergency medical care that they can’t easily access.

Imagine not being able to have access to tampons and pads when you need them? For women living in poverty, this is a common occurrence.

Fortunately, many people are raising awareness about this issue and pushing for tampons and pads to be available for those who can’t afford them.

Two students from New York’s Manhattan College’s Just Peace Club, a social action group that works to fight injustice, is bringing light to the severe lack of feminine hygiene products available to homeless women. The two seniors, Katelyn Conroy and Sarah Kissane, developed “The Period Project” in order to bring their club together and give back to their community.

“The Period Project” was founded by the two students to help raise awareness of the fact that feminine hygiene products are typically at the top of a woman’s list in poverty when asked what their basic “needs are.” The project was able to collect hundreds of pads and tampons for Bronx shelters, giving women what they both desire and deserve.

Periods are a part of a woman’s life.

They do not stop for the people that cannot afford the products they need in order to manage them, and it’s up to us to help those women however we can.

Comforté® donates to two charities on a regular basis including Gillian’s Place and Haven House. During this holiday season and every season, consider how you can do your part to give back to people in need.