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Some Women Stop Their Period But Risk Depression

Can stopping periods risk depression in some women? Menstruating is something that some women dread and other women don’t mind at all. Having your period can be painful and it is something that comes with moodiness, cramps, and cravings. Some women would eagerly stop their period if they had the choice to do so. However, for some us, getting our period is something that we feel regulates and centers us as women.

Many women are choosing to stop their period altogether with hormonal birth control.

For instance, professional athletes are choosing to skip their period altogether so they do not have it during a major sporting event. For a woman that is swimming in an Olympic event, it makes sense for them to skip their period during that event if possible.  Women that suffer from extremely severe periods are also choosing to stop their period with hormonal birth control. By severe periods, we mean women that are facing health risks because of their period. Some women have such severe periods that they face iron deficiencies because of the amount of blood they lose.

For women risking their health each time their period arrives, it would make sense to opt out of their period.

If you are someone that just has severe cramps or just would like the convenience of never having your period sneak up on you, you might want to think twice about stopping your period. It has become relatively simple to stop our periods altogether with hormonal birth control but that doesn’t mean all women should take advantage of it.

Hormonal birth control can risk depression in some women.

It is believed that the two are heavily connected. A recent study revealed that women using hormonal birth control are more likely to have a diagnosis of depression and are one-quarter more likely to have prescribed antidepressants. Many people on hormonal birth control still do experience PMS symptoms such as cramps, headaches, and even irregular periods if they miss a pill. If the pain of PMS is your biggest period issue, hormonal birth control won’t help with that much.

Although some periods do feel unbearable, there are other ways to ease period pain using natural methods.

By using Comforté®, exercising regularly, or eating more vegetables, you can effectively ease period pain without hormonal birth control and depression side effects. Stopping your period altogether is something that should be seriously considered, as it can risk depression, and should only be done under specific circumstances with the approval of your gynecologist.